That’s A Different Podcast

Mark and Nic sit down with Against The Giants to talk about their upcoming gig at the Palace Theater with Plan Bee.  They also talk about high school bands, hidden microphones and learning how to be a new band.

Music in This Episode:

Against The Giants: History In The Making

Against The Giants: I Make Loneliness Look Easy All The Time

Against The Giants: I Won’t Stay

Ol’ Nick

Mark and Nic sit down to discuss a newly purchased record collection of rare 60’s psych-rock.  They also talk about obscure labels, medical treatment, and sandwich makers to avoid.

music in this episode:

highland Funeral: We Didn’t Know

Any Questions: Little Death, Long Sleep

Modafferi: Scuba Gear

I Read Books

Mark and Nic sit down with Mike and Adam from The Action! to talk about their new Live album 20 Years Alive.  They also talk about recording a live record, why this podcast is listen-able, and other silly things.

Music in This Episode:

The Action!- Never Been to Boston

The Action!- April Fools Song

The Action!- Thanks for Coming

1990’s Price Guide

Mark and Nic talk with Stephen Douglas Wolfe about his new music series: Second Sunday’s at The Listening Room at 443.  They also talk about Binghamton, weather, and favorite colors when writing songs.

Music in this episode:

Mattydale Music Collective: Floating On Air

David Montanye: Did I Ever Tell You About Rosa Colletti?

The Amazing Shakes: Like a Phoenix

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Mark and Nic are back this week to talk about Record Store Day.  They also discuss finishing up flea markets, history and pocket rulers

Music In This Episode:

Modafferi- I hope I’m Alright

Modafferi- Get Out Amongst The People

Modafferi- Satan’s Fingers

Vinyl Record Safari

Mark Nic sit with their friend Rob McCall from the band All Poets and Heroes to talk about their upcoming show at The Westcott Theater.  They also discuss vinyl safaris, the world of live bands and when are there too many bands at a concert.

Music In This Episode:

Future Teens- Sleep Schedule

Future Teens- Whats My Sign Again

Future Teens- Girlfriend On A Gap Year


American Cheese Single On A Taco

Mark and Nic sit with 90’s cover band, My So-Called Band members Nick Streeter and Caleb Liber to talk about the differences between being in a cover band and original bands.  They also talk about the band’s history, their favorite moments and foot stuff.

Music In This Episode:

Highland Funeral: Long Bus Ride

Highland Funeral: Bourbon In The Rain

Highland Funeral: We Didn’t Know