Mark and Nic sit with their friend Rick White to talk about side hustles.  They also talk about pizza, records and shops.

Music in this episode:

Against The Giants- Fuck You and Your Yuppie Friends

Against The Giants-  I Make Loneliness Look Easy All The Time

Against The Giants- I Won’t Stay

No More Tooth Brushes

Mark and Nic sit down with Ian McNeil who is running for the Board of Trustees in the First Ward of Solvay.  They also talk about records, old bands, and brushing your teeth.

Music in this episode:

Goodnight Forever- The Devil Himself

Of Fortune and Fame- You Blew It

Black Throat Wind- Sunwalk

Keeping It Interesting

Mark and Nic’s schedules are all messed up this week.  So listen to Mark’s interview with their friends Lee and Z on their podcast, Keeping It Interesting.

Music In This Episode:

Bridge Under Fire: (Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh In Jurassic Park)

The Andrea Doria: Dammit Jim, I’m A Diesel Mechanic

Bridge Under Fire: Sex Dungeons and Dragons

Sex-Positive Pizza

Mark and Nic are back from vacation and sitting in with their friend James Manton to talk about the art of music videos.  They also discuss Mexican food, health insurance and super-group records.

Music in this episode:

Matt Blake- Slide

Matt Blake-Surf

Matt Blake- Suzanne