Sex-Positive Pizza

Mark and Nic are back from vacation and sitting in with their friend James Manton to talk about the art of music videos.  They also discuss Mexican food, health insurance and super-group records.

Music in this episode:

Matt Blake- Slide

Matt Blake-Surf

Matt Blake- Suzanne

Washed Out Weekly

Mark and Nic interview Chris from The Slaughterhouse Chorus and talk about their new album In The Name of Progress.  They also talk about the end of the band, Crafted Festival and Elvira, Mistress of The Dark.

Music In this Episode:

The Slaughterhouse Chorus- Greenplates

The Slaughterhouse Chorus- Used Tombstones

The Slaughterhouse Chorus- Wellsville

Mark’s Turn on the Therapy Couch

Mark and Nic talk about this weekend’s upcoming Crafted Festival.  They also talk about unhealthy diets, weekend travels, and how busy they’ve been.

Music in This Episode:

The Action!- April Fool’s Song

Matthew Blake and The Blues Dragons- Hive Mind

Underwater Bosses- Basshead

That’s A Different Podcast

Mark and Nic sit down with Against The Giants to talk about their upcoming gig at the Palace Theater with Plan Bee.  They also talk about high school bands, hidden microphones and learning how to be a new band.

Music in This Episode:

Against The Giants: History In The Making

Against The Giants: I Make Loneliness Look Easy All The Time

Against The Giants: I Won’t Stay